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You can be certain that someone will always be ready to be dispatched for either routine or emergency towing service when you call us for towing service. So that you may call for help if something dreadful happens while you’re driving in the middle of the night, have our phone number close at hand.

About Us

With regard to towing and roadside assistance, Marion Towing Service Ltd. was well known for its superior workmanship, polite employees, and prompt service. We have been employing sophisticated, well-maintained wreckers for more than seven years! The demands of our customers come first, and we make it a priority to serve you promptly and transfer you to a secure location. For future reference, have our phone number on hand.


To serve everyone in Bradley, California, who requires the finest towing and roadside help. We will follow our pledge to provide only the greatest craftsmanship when towing your vehicle, and we will take excellent care of and maintain the condition of all of our tow truck drivers, as well as our tow trucks and other equipment!


We try extremely hard to provide the finest possible customer service to our valued clients! To continue providing high-quality towing services, our professionals and towing team are constantly updated on the latest wreckers and equipment. Our top goal will always be to ensure that everything is handled quickly and effectively.

There’s nothing that we can’t tow

Our Services

We are available around the clock, so no matter what time of day or night, we can reach there in minutes.

Light-Duty Towing

If you need to relocate a small car quickly and effectively, contact our qualified and experienced personnel in light-duty towing service. This is critical if you have a tight schedule or need to drive your automobile to a certain location. If you wish to use this service, please contact us to arrange a tour.

Medium-Duty Towing

You can trust that our experienced and well-trained towing staff will take exceptional care of your RV or camper. We have cutting-edge equipment for every towing issue! We work hard every day to provide high-quality services because we believe you should have access to them at all times.

Heavy-Duty Towing

Do you need a heavy-duty towing firm to transport your damaged or undriveable vehicle? The search is over since Marion Towing Service Ltd. offers dependable heavy-duty towing as well as other services such as car recovery, moving large equipment, and emergency roadside assistance.

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Our team of highly skilled professionals

Is dedicated to providing exceptional services at reasonable pricing, and they have the skills and tools required to safely move your vehicle. To contact us when you need any of our services, dial (805) 912-5833.

Our Happy Clients!

"Marion Towing Service Ltd. was really informed and accommodating. I would use them again without a doubt, and the pricing offered for the service is simply great!"
Taylor Ramos
"It was quite helpful that the driver was willing to wait because I hadn't yet arrived at my car when he came. He was quite dependable. Thank you again, Marion Towing Service Ltd."
Amaan Reid
Probation officer
"Marion Towing Service Ltd. responded quickly to our towing needs. Their personnel handle the entire procedure with kindness and wonderful support."

Eshal Austin
Computer engineer

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If you need towing but are unable to get it done because of a problem with your schedule, No need to fret any longer; Marion Towing Service Ltd. offers towing service appointments.


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